Friday, November 11, 2016

Your Orthodontist Recommends these Steps to Prevent Development of TMD

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) can cause pain that adversely affects your daily life. It’s a disease in the temporomandibular joint, which connects the upper and lower jaws. Pain from this disorder is often linked to migraines as well as aches in the back and sides of the head. Other symptoms include clicking and locking of jaw, pain around the ear, neck aches, tender and sore jaw, difficulty in opening and closing the mouth, and sensitive teeth.
 While there are dental procedures that orthodontists in Davis, CA recommend to treat TMD, it’s still best to prevent it. There are some simple steps to follow in this vein. Read more on this article:

Thursday, November 10, 2016

How Old Should Your Kids Be Before You Take Them to an Orthodontist?

From childhood, everyone is taught that they should visit their dentists twice every year. However, taking a trip to the orthodontist’s office is just as important, especially for people who have high risks of developing teeth misalignment problems or malocclusions. Parents in Folsom, and everywhere, should also include consultations with an orthodontist to their children’s overall dental health care plan. The question now is, how old should they be for their first orthodontic appointment?
 The Right Age
 According to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), children who are at least seven years old should have their first orthodontic screening, whether or not there are already visible alignment problems. This is because permanent teeth usually develop in children at age six or seven, sometimes even younger.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ask Your Local Orthodontist for Effective Alternatives to Metal Braces

For most adults, looking good is equated to more self-confidence and a better chance for success. It’s hard to achieve good looks, though, if your teeth are a bit crooked. That’s why some adults choose to have braces.
 Despite its effectiveness, not everyone is a fan of metal braces. The idea of having the metal in your mouth and the ensuing discomfort while eating or speaking might put some off. Thankfully, metal braces aren’t your only option in straightening your teeth. Visit a local orthodontist, and you can choose between these two alternatives.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How to Determine Whether Invisalign is the Correct Treatment for You

Invisalign is becoming a popular procedure to fix dental issues because of its aesthetic appeal and convenience. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign is transparent; people won’t even notice that you’re wearing an alignment device. Furthermore, it can be removed when you eat.
 However, Invisalign isn’t for everyone with alignment problems. Like any other treatment, there are factors to consider to determine whether you’re fit for getting Invisalign in Folsom and whether a better alternative awaits you. Read more on this article:

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Dangers of Untreated TMJD and How a Davis Orthodontist Can Help

Have you ever wondered how your jaw can move up and down and side to side? Well, that’s because it’s connected by a special joint called temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Imagine if this joint slips off or breaks. What do you think would happen?

What is TMJD?

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) refers to any irregularity with the attachment or position of your TMJ. There’s no definite explanation as to how this disorder forms, but the most plausible explanation is the existence of issues with the muscles of the jaw and with the parts of the TMJ, itself.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Are Your Teeth Shifting? Seek Expert Help from a Folsom Orthodontist

Your teeth are not stable. They can shift over time, and when they do, you may not like how they appear. This movement can ruin your smile and confidence. Fortunately, shifted teeth can be corrected with the help of an orthodontist in Folsom, CA. Let’s go over the common reasons that cause your teeth to shift.

Genetic Causes

Your body develops according to your genes, distinct sequences of nucleotides forming part of your chromosomes, which are found in every cell. This means that if your genes dictate that your teeth will shift, your teeth will shift even if they first emerged straight. Because you cannot really tell how your genes are designed so it’s hard to predict whether your teeth will shift or not, or is the shift genetic in nature.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Prolonging the Life of Your Invisalign from a Davis Orthodontist

People who need teeth realignment in Davis Ca but don’t want to wear braces may consider wearing Invisalign. This aligner is removable so it eliminates the discomfort and irritation expected from traditional braces. Such features offers a great deal of advantages, including being able to eat the food you want without being scared of dislodging a bracket or wire. Furthermore, because Invisalign is transparent, it looks better more pleasant than metal braces on the teeth.

Like metal braces, however, Invisalign is susceptible to deterioration and damage. This is why it is important for any wearer to know how to take care of their device. Not only will proper care prolong the functional life of Invisalign, but it will also ensure that the aligner is performing at its best throughout each time it’s worn. Here are some tips on how you can take care of your Invisalign.