Sunday, September 25, 2016

Orthodontists Share the Things You Might Not Know about Invisalign

Do you feel dissatisfied with your teeth, not because of its color, but because they’re crooked? If you’re bent on having your teeth fixed, now is the perfect time to do so. Crooked teeth aren’t only unattractive, but can actually be the cause of other oral and health problems.

You might think that, for crooked teeth, you’re bound to get those metal braces that can make eating and speaking difficult. Thankfully, recent developments in the field of dentistry now allows you to get the same teeth-straightening benefits of braces without its usual drawbacks in the form of Invisalign.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

When to Visit an Orthodontist: Malocclusion, TMJ, and Sleep Apnea

You may think that all dentists are the same, and they perform pretty much similar services. The truth is that some of them have a certain specialization. An orthodontist in Folsom, for instance, specializes in orthodontics, a branch of dentistry that deals with improperly positioned teeth and jaw. This is not the dentist you use to clean your teeth. An orthodontist has additional education and specialized training for dental issues that involve alignment. Here are conditions that require the expertise of an orthodontist.


It’s difficult to chew food when you have a bad bite. This condition is characterized by the uneven distance between the upper and lower teeth in full bite. The farther they are away from each other, the more difficult it is for them to break down food. If you are having trouble chewing because of bad bite, you should see an orthodontist immediately.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Why Your Orthodontist in Davis May Offer Invisalign Over Metal Braces

Having a correct bite allows for efficient digestion. It’s easier to chew food because the upper and lower teeth close properly. It also makes the teeth look more pleasant when you smile. This is why any orthodontist in Davis, CA would recommend patients who have bad bite to consider teeth alignment solutions, particularly Invisalign.

What’s Wrong with Metal Braces?

Previously, the only way to correct teeth misalignment is to go through the sometimes painful process of brace installation and adjustment. The installation may cause you to experience jaw strain, as you will be asked to keep your mouth open for the most part of the procedure. The regular adjustment may last shorter but the resulting pain due to the movement of the teeth may be painful.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Invisalign from Folsom Can Help Prevent the Risks of Malocclusion

Malocclusion refers to the incorrect alignment of the teeth. A lot of people have a certain degree of malocclusion and they just don’t realize it until they experience its effects. Here are some of the dangers of malocclusion that you need to watch out for to determine when to get treatment.

Wear and Tear

The oral cavity’s performance in breaking down food greatly depends on the alignment of the upper and lower teeth (maxilla and mandible). If your bite doesn’t feel right, meaning the upper and lower teeth do not meet properly as you chew food or event simply close your mouth, chances are you have malocclusion, and this can lead to the deterioration of the enamel of the teeth within the meeting point. The pressure can abrade the enamel’s surface over time.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Learn More about TMD and Seek Treatment from Your Trusted Orthodontist

Are you constantly experiencing facial pain or feel like your jaws are clicking more than they should? Do you find it tiring to chew your food for no reason at all? Are you experiencing tinnitus, or the sudden ringing of the ears? These are just some of the symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ/TMD.

How to Determine if You Have TMD

TMD, as a condition, is rather tricky to diagnose by yourself because many of its manifestations overlap with each other. Tension headaches, for example, could be caused by a hundred other things, but it could be caused by tightened facial nerves due to TMD.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Approaching Your Orthodontist: Getting Proper Orthodontic Treatment

You may not notice it immediately, but you may find yourself having a difficult time talking or chewing on your food because of oral misalignment. Some people start experiencing pains in other areas, such as the temple, behind the ear, at the back of the neck, and even the shoulder without realizing that the cause of this could be their teeth.

Who Needs Orthodontics?

In such circumstances, the solution can be found with a Folsom orthodontist such as Robert Kelleher DDS. An orthodontist is someone whose dental practice focuses on correcting oral misalignments by implementing applications such as braces, Invisalign or splints and mouth guards.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Getting Invisalign from Dental Practitioners: Knowing the Process

If having a straight set of teeth has been your lifelong dream you can still go after it, even if you’re already well into adulthood. There is a common misconception that teeth alignment is only possible for teens and younger kids. Supposedly, the older you get, the more difficult it is to make your teeth move to put them in the right position.

Of course, there’s also the fact that most adults don’t want to be seen wearing metal braces in their mouth. This oral application has been the cause of many taunts and teasing for teens and kids who wear them, and that can make adults weary of attempting straighten their teeth later in life.