Monday, July 17, 2017

Orthodontist Talks About the Five Ways of Cleaning Your Invisalign Braces

If you’re using Invisalign or interested in getting it, you may wonder about how to keep them clean. While you have the option of purchasing the Invisalign cleaning kit which has a tub and pack of 50 cleaning crystals, some people find them too expensive. An orthodontist explains the five other ways of properly cleaning your aligners to keep them clean and prevent staining.

Why Clean Your Aligners?

You want your aligners free from bacterial growth which can be caused by food and other elements. Bacteria can create dental problems. Second, your trays should be cleaned often to preserve its transparent color and keep them smelling fresh. Otherwise, dirty trays look discolored and may acquire an unpleasant odor. Read more from this blog:

Monday, July 10, 2017

An Orthodontist Explains the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of TMJ Syndrome

That pain in your jaw joint may be caused by temporomandibular joint syndrome and you should not simply ignore it. While self-care treatments such as applying ice packs, practicing gentle jaw stretches, eating mostly soft foods and taking over the counter pain medication may help, it will not provide a permanent cure. If you still experience pain when moving your jaw or if anxiety and stress are causing jaw pain after 2 weeks of self-care, consider visiting a doctor immediately. To learn more about this disorder, an orthodontist illustrates the causes, symptoms, and other treatment options for TMJ syndrome.

Causes of TMJ

Around 10 million people in America have TMJ syndrome though its causes vary. Trauma to the jaw can produce this syndrome such as a car or workplace accident. Furthermore, since TMJ syndrome affects more women than men, scientists are studying the possible connection between female hormones and this condition. Furthermore, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can result in TMJ disorders aside from infection of the joint, bone deformity, and cancer. Read more from this blog:

Monday, July 3, 2017

An Orthodontist Can Explain the Do’s and Dont’s for Patients Using Invisalign

Virtually invisible, Invisalign is quickly replacing the traditional braces as a method of straightening teeth. Its popularity stems from the high level of comfort it has on the patient as well as being virtually invisible.

Invisalign is transparent because it is composed of a thermoplastic material which is specifically tailored to your treatment plan. When this clear aligner is placed on your teeth, it will slowly shift them to a straighter position. Many patients choose these invisible trays because they won’t restrict their diet since you remove the aligners while eating. In addition, Invisalign can effectively correct bite problems, such as overbite. If you’re already using or plan to use Invisalign, here’s a list of do’s and dont’s to get you started, according to an orthodontist.

Do’s of Invisalign

Do use your Invisalign as often as possible, removing it only when eating. Invisible trays work best when you’re wearing them for 20 to 22 hours per day. Remove them only when you’re eating, flossing, or brushing. Read more from this blog: