Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fixing Bite Problems and Bruxism with a Trusted Davis, CA Orthodontist

It’s a good thing that a patient can seek the help of a trusted orthodontist in Davis, CA to identify the exact conditions of the teeth and jaw for timely treatment. The article further notes that about 70 percent of people who use an oral appliance get their bite balanced through braces or retainers, which help stop the grinding for most of the time. Straightening your teeth isn’t just an act of vanity – in addition to the confidence gained from straighter teeth, it leads to healthier gums and teeth as well. Better alignment helps the gums fit around the teeth more securely, keeps cleaning easier with fewer hard-to-reach areas, and allows you to sustain pressure more evenly than before. Moreover, a proper bite allows one to chew better, lessening any chances of any gastrointestinal and indigestion problems.

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