Friday, February 24, 2017

As a Viable Alternative to Braces, an Invisalign Offers Solace to Adults Who Need Teeth Realignment

It might be a surprise to hear that almost 20% of people who need to wear braces are adults. In the past, it was pre-teens and teens who were the primary orthodontic patients. However in 2014, around 1.4 million adults in America received braces as a teeth alignment treatment.

Braces for adults are an option at any age. Some receive them when they are 18, others when they’re 30 and some even go for braces when they’re in their 50’s. The reason for this is because many adults never received orthodontic treatment when they were younger when braces were not as common nor as advanced. Additionally, there are issues which occur later in life that can affect teeth alignment, such as wisdom teeth pushing through or missing teeth. The problem with wearing braces as an adult is the stigma surrounding your appearance, and while there are four options for adult braces, there is only one, Invisalign, that addresses every concern for adults. Read more from this article:

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