Monday, April 17, 2017

An Orthodontist Lists Effective Steps in Dealing with TMJ Syndrome

TMJ syndrome is a condition that’s typically characterized by pain in your lower jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. Recent numbers suggest that this condition affects over 10 million Americans. For some, they feel pain throughout the entire day. If you’re suffering and need help, here are some strategies recommended by orthodontists that have proven to work.

Eat the Right Foods

Since this condition affects the joints and muscles around your jaw, you need to limit the amount of chewing you do when eating. This is possible when you consume soft foods that require little or no chewing at all. Ideal examples of soft food are yogurt, fruit smoothies, soup, mashed potatoes, and cheese. You should stay away from foods that are hard and sticky because they’ll require you to chew a lot. These include hard candy, caramel, pretzels, chips, meats, and popcorn.

Because you may be eating differently, it’s important to know you may want to take supplements when dealing with TMJ syndrome to ensure you’re still getting the right amount of nutrients each day. Read more on this article:

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