Friday, April 28, 2017

Your Davis Orthodontist Offers a New Approach: Consider Trying the Damon Braces

Wearing traditional braces is not for everyone. Yes, you end up with a perfect smile that will be enjoyed for a lifetime, but a mouthful of metal during the interim does not appeal to everyone. Luckily, self-conscious sufferers of misaligned teeth can find a viable option with the advent of Damon braces, available at a Davis orthodontist near you. By design, Damon braces lack the visibility of standard braces while correcting your teeth’s alignment.

How the Damon Design Differs

Damon braces functionally perform just as traditional approach do, but accomplish their task differently. Standard braces contain brackets connecting rigid wires from tooth to tooth with elastics. The Damon system utilizes a gate or tunnel for the wire to pass through, allowing the attachment to move freely as the position of the tooth changes. The absence of brackets eliminates the metallic gleam of traditional braces, rendering Damon braces much less noticeable. Read more from this blog.

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